Who We Are

We range from Millennials to Veterans who are; lab techs, health professionals, bookworms, technology lovers, sports enthusiasts, and googlers. We consider Health Canada as part of our team too because we work closely with them and take pride in that. Reboot Vision is a brand of Advanced Labs Canada Inc.


To provide superior and innovative health products that consumers recommend to friends and family, employees are proud of, and truly make a positive difference in everyday lives.


 We run our projects using a six-part creative process:

  • Discover: Uncovering the roots of a problem and make it our challenge
  • Research: We believe anything is possible, so we take the time to try and find out if there is a possible solution.
  • Define: Determining the best way to move forward. Obtain the proper members to join our team and locate the highest grade of materials to achieve our goal.
  • Develop / Direct: Implementing our experienced team that is connected and intelligent.
  • Test: Constantly tested and edited through lab work done by very smart people. 
  • Regulation: Comply with the higher powers.